Training Tips

Consistency is key when it comes to training your puppy. They will be eager to please so please use lots of positive reinforcement. Set clear boundaries and limits and again, be consistent. For potty training, I would recommend taking them outside every hour during the day for the first couple of weeks. Take them to the same spot every time. Be sure to affirm them with positive response when they complete the task! Bell training your puppy from the start is also helpful. Simply hang a bell next to the door and have them touch it with their paw each time you take them outside to potty. You might have to help them at first, but they catch on quickly.

Crate training is highly encouraged. We recommend teaching your puppy to sleep in their crate at night and taking them out to potty only once during the night and gradually extending that time to the time you usually get up in the morning. Look into getting a bed that is the same size as the bottom of the crate you get. Crates with dividing panels are also nice! Your puppy will not want to potty in his/her bed, and this minimizes nighttime accidents. If they have too much room around their bed in their crate, accidents are more likely. Your puppy will also need to go outside right after waking up and a few minutes after eating or drinking.  Watch the video linked below for more tips: 

We also recommend beginning obedience training as soon as possible. They are at such a teachable age and are eager to learn! And the good news is that both Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles are incredibly smart and will learn quickly! The Baxter and Bella program is super helpful if you would want to train them yourself. You Tube has many helpful videos as well! Or check into local classes you could enroll them in. Everyone loves a well-mannered dog! Watch the video linked below for more tips:

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