New Puppy Checklist

You are becoming puppy owners soon and pick-up day is rapidly arriving! I know it can look fun and big and exciting and maybe a bit overwhelming all at the same time! Your puppy will be going home micro-chipped, with his/her first rounds of vaccinations regular deworming, and all their health and vet records packed neatly into a folder named just for them. Along with that, each puppy receives a collar, a leash, 5lbs of puppy food, a toy, and a sibling-scented blankie to comfort them and help them transition into your home. 

*Schedule a vet visit

*Learn about Potty and Obedience Training 

*Have Supplies on Hand

*Get ready for lots of snuggles, laughs, and play!

Supplies to Have on Hand Before Pick Up Day

Supplies to Have on Hand Before Pick Up Day

  •  Crate

Small crate for micro minis

  • Crate with a dividing panel

Medium crate for our mini and medium size dogs

We recommend a small-sized crate for our micro and mini doodles and a medium crate (with a dividing panel) for the medium Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles. This is needed to start with potty training and is also very useful when you have to leave your house for a bit. We recommend buying a bed about the size of your crate floor as they normally don't like to potty on their bed and this helps them to stay dry in their crate. 

  • Puppy Food 

Although your puppy will be coming with a 5 lbs. starter pack of Hills Bros puppy food, you may want to have an extra bag on hand. Our medium-sized doodles eat the Large Breed Puppy Food and our mini and micro mini eat the Small Breed Puppy Food. They all do really well on this and we recommend keeping them on it for optimal health. You can get this brand at Petco Stores or If you do plan on switching up brands, we recommend mixing in the old with the new gradually to avoid digestion issues. You can start with 75% old, 25% new to 50% old, 50% new to 25% old, 75% new to 100% new brand of food.


Hill's Science Diet Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 15.5-lb bag slide 1 of 9

HILL'S SCIENCE DIET Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 15.5-lb bag -


Hill's Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 33-lb bag slide 1 of 9

Large breed-HILL'S SCIENCE DIET Puppy Large Breed Lamb Meal & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

  • NuVet Vitamins

NuVet Plus K9 Wafers for Dogs 

We highly recommend these for keeping your pup in tip-top health! Protect, support, and strengthen your puppy's whole being by starting them on the path to perfect health by giving them NuVet vitamins. These strengthen their immune system, support healthy eyes and ears, promote healthy skin and coat, and are safe for pets of all ages. Be proactive by supplying your puppy with all the nutrients they need to avoid any future health issues. They only need1/4 of a wafer per day so one bottle lasts quite a while! (just cut the wafers into fourths for puppy-sized bites) We like to give them as a treat when they potty outside or obey a command and they love to smack it up! As they grow and their weight changes, they will need more than 1/4 a tablet per day and once they are a full-size adult they will be needing 1 whole wafer per day. Or you can try the powder and sprinkle it on top of their food. You can easily order them at the referral code is 677500.

nuvet cats dogs supplements products

  • Pet Bed 

Washable Dog Bed Deluxe, Plush and Comfy, Ideal for Crates 

  • Food & Water Bowls 

Dog Bowls Double Dog Water and Food Bowls Stainless Steel Bowls with Non-Slip Resin Station, Pet Feeder Bowls for Small Puppy and Medium Dogs

  • Extra Leash 

Retractable Dog Leash, Pet Walking Leash with Anti-Slip Handle, Strong Nylon Tape, Tangle-Free,One-Handed One Button Lock & Release, Suitable for Small/Medium Dog or Cat

  • Extra Collar (start with a small size)

Joytale Reflective Dog Collar,Soft Neoprene Padded Breathable Nylon Pet Collar Adjustable for Small Dogs,Teal,S 

  • Chew Toys 

 Puppy Toys 20 Pack, Puppy Chew Toys for Fun and Teeth Cleaning, Plush Squeaky Toys, Dog Treat Dispenser Ball, Tug of War Toys, Puppy Teething Toys, Dog Rope Toys for  Small Dogs

They will come with one chew toy, but you want to be sure to keep plenty of chew toys around for them to chew on while they are getting their teeth in!

  • Puppy Shampoo/Conditioner

Veterinary Formula Solutions Puppy Love Extra Gentle Tearless Shampoo, 17 oz – Safe for Puppies Over 6 Weeks

Veterinary Formula Solutions Ultra Oatmeal Moisturizing Conditioner for Dogs, 17 oz – with Colloidal Oatmeal and Jojoba – Leaves Coat Soft, Shiny, Hydrated, Strong –


  • Nail Clipper

Professional Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer - Best for Cats, Small Dogs and Any Small Pets

  • Hair Brush

Tuff Pupper Round Bristle Soft Brush for Dogs and Cats | Gentle Grooming for Short or Long Hair | Soft Pin Tool for Sensitive Skin | Detangle & Remove Loose Fur | For Dematting & Detangling Undercoat

  • Blankets & Stuffed Toys : Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy for Dogs - Pet Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid - Brown : Pet Relaxants : Pet Supplies 1 Pack 3 Puppy Blankets Super Soft Warm Sleep Mat Grey Cute Print Blanket Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket Flannel Throw Dog Blankets for Small Dogs Puppy Dogs Fluffy Cats,Star&Bone&Love-Small(23"x15") : Pet Supplies

  • Deodorizing Spray

Salon Scents Pet Grooming Cologne - 8 oz, Natural Professional Groomer Perfume for Dogs and Cats, Long Lasting

  • Lots of Paper Towels

  • Exercise Pen

MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen, 24"W x 30"H, 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty : Pet Playpens : Pet Supplies

This is optional, but we find them to be SUPER helpful. If you need a minute to yourself and don't want to crate the puppy, you can just put them in this exercise pen inside or outside (weather permitting) and you know they will stay protected and contained for a little while and get some exercise too!

  • Lots of patience and love! :) 

These are the common basics needed but feel free to splurge and add to the list as you see fit for your family and for your fur baby. Most of all, we wish you all the best as you shop for your sweet fur baby and prepare for his/her coming! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

The Lehman Family

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