Puppy Curriculum

From the moment our puppies are born, we are committed to making sure each one receives the best of care and attention. The health and happiness of your puppy is very important to us! We provide them with early neurological stimulation, socialization, premium nutrition, supplements, and vet care in their first eight weeks of life. Before leaving, each puppy will have had their regular dewormings every two weeks, first two rounds of vaccinations, a health exam and clearance done by our licensed veterinarian, is microchipped, and will come with a complete puppy starter pack including: 5 lbs of Hills Bros Science Diet puppy food, a leash, collar, toy, sibling scented blankie, and a folder with all their health information and records. Most importantly, each puppy will have received loads of love, snuggles, and play from our family! 

Newborn Puppies

Your Puppy's First 8 Weeks

Date of birth-3 days old: Let them be with mama at all times, we make sure each one is getting nutrient rich colostrum and milk

Day 3-16: Early neurological stimulation (a series of daily exercises proven to improve cardiovascular performance, strengthen heartbeats, strengthen adrenal glands, create more tolerance to stress, and develop a greater resistance to disease)

Week 2: 1st Deworming

Week 4: 2nd Deworming Given and Puppy Food and Toys Introduced 

Week 5: Daily play and socialization

Week 6: 3rd Deworming, First Vaccination, (CANINE DISTEMPER-ADENOVIRUS-TYPE2-PARAINFLUENZA-PARVOVIRUS), Weaning Process Begins, NuVet Vitamins started, First Bath and Nail Trim

Week 7: Vet Health Check and Microchipped, Only with Mama 2 nights this week


At 8 weeks, your puppy is now fully weaned from mama, and ready for lots of snuggles and play with their new family! 

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