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The Lehman Family

Hello from the Lehman family! We are a family of six and we live on a 5 1/2 acre country home near the small town of Hutchinson, KS. My husband and I have always been dog lovers since we were young. We were especially drawn to the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeds because of their sweet and calmer temperaments, and we also loved how beautiful they were and the fact they didn't shed much at all!

I guess you could say our adventure of becoming a Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeder began in 2013 when we adopted our dear Sadie, a golden retriever, as our family dog. We loved the idea of letting our children experience a litter of puppies and because we liked Sadie's exceptional demeanor so much, we thought she would be an excellent mama. In 2015, we decided to give it a try and we had our first litter of Goldendoodles. Well, we enjoyed the whole process! We loved the amazing temperaments of the puppies, the snuggles, and seeing our children learn animal care with gentleness and responsibility. We also loved seeing our puppies bring so much joy and love to other families. Wanting to provide that dream doodle to every family that came to us, caused us to do a great amount of research and explore some more. In 2017, we fully dived in, and Dream Doodle Puppies was birthed. We then added different coat and size options to our program, like the Teddy Bear minis and Bernedoodles. Our goal is to raise happy puppies in the healthiest way possible, giving them the best nutrition, love, and attention, they need in those early weeks of their lives. 

Our dogs are all a part of our family, and we love their loving, calm, intelligent, and loyal personalities so much! We love that we get to be together as a family raising the sweetest puppies, and learning hard work, grit, and grace along the way. We love the sense of 'family team' it gives us as it takes every one of us doing our part. Gary takes care of the vet appointments, breeding, documenting, and feeding. I, (Marlene), do the messaging, photography, and puppy care. Our children all like to help with feeding, giving treats, naming puppies, and do an amazing job of making sure each puppy gets loads of snuggles, kisses, and play. We have enjoyed every puppy that we have raised here and have seen each one go to a loving and caring family and we are so grateful! 

We believe life is a gift and we want to live it to the fullest, honoring Christ with the time and talents He has given us. We want to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Our children are our biggest blessing and many days we say we'd like to freeze time as they are growing up so fast! In our spare time, we like to spend time together in nature, biking, sports, camping, playing board games, and being with our family and friends.

Enough about us, we’re so glad you stopped by for a visit! We’d love to talk soon and help you find the perfect fur baby for your family! 


The Lehman Family

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